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Welcome to Hamilton Crescent, a blog which follows the occasional ups and many downs of the Scotland national football team.

1998. It sounds ridiculous when you say it out loud by 1998 was the last time that Scotland qualified for a major international competition. My formative football supporting years were accompanied by the almost certain knowledge that every second summer Scotland would travel in hope of finally making it out of the group stage.

That all seems so long ago, simply being at a tournament would now constitute major success. And while the intervening years in the wilderness (and even worse under Berti Vogts) have driven many away from the national team, if anything my interest has grown.

International football matters. Few seem to think so in an age where the money keeps on rolling into the club game and players pull out of national squads for the slightest knock, but the Hampden Roar and the Tartan Army made Scottish football famous and to lose sight of international football as part of a nation’s identity would be a mistake in my opinion.

So that’s why this blog exists. It will follow the trials and tribulations of the senior team and the Under-21s. It won’t cover the women’s team as although I’m hardly some troglodyte who doesn’t believe that women should play the game, I simply don’t have the knowledge or watch enough of the women’s game to write about it with any degree of competency. That is best left for someone else.

You may have seen my work elsewhere, if you have I hope it doesn’t put you off. I write for The Football Project and am editor of Lovely Left Foot. If you can forgive me those sins then I hope you enjoy what this site has to offer.

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